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A quick look at production

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  • The beginning and the end, combined in one of our factories. Here we build prototypes and new designs and assemble finished systems from our warehouse.

  • Short distances are the key to a quick order processing. Everything comes together here. The raw material is right next to the processing machinery.

  • In addition to our semi-automated and fully automated bending machines, pipe material is stored here as well. We process cross section sizes from 44.5 - 114.3 mm.

  • Our semi-automated bending machines are used primarily for prototyping and small lot-production. The bending cycle can be controlled automatically or manually. Tube feeding and t

  • The fully automated bending process bends, feeds, and rotates based on the selected bending programme. Series of 10 parts or more are made here.

  • In  diesem  Lagerraum  befinden  sich  die  Konstruktionslehren  für unsere Endschalldämpfer. Dieser Lagerraum sowie das Endrohrlager befinden sich in unmittelbarer Nähe zu den

  • This warehouse contains all of the build fixtures for all assemblies such as downpipes, headers, front mufflers, mid-stage mufflers, and silencers, as well as connection tubes, a

  • This warehouse contains the design gages for our tailpipe mufflers. This warehouse and the tailpipe warehouse are located directly adjacent to the welding stations.

  • We offer about 100 different designs for our individually designed exhaust systems. In order to be flexible, we always have about 20,000 tailpipes in stock.

  • Systems made of aluminised steel are powder-coated here to protect against surface corrosion. After cleaning the parts by sandblasting and washing, powder is applied and then bak

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